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Ketamine Assisted Hypnotherapy

A New Way Of Connecting Ketamine- & Hypnotherapy

"You must have chaos within you, in order to give birth to a dancing star."

Friedrich Nietzsche


Voices after Treatment & Training

'I can feel an incredible difference after the treatment. I haven’t felt like this for a long time. My suicidal tendencies are gone. Who would have thought this therapy would help dissolve my depression? It’s been a life changing experience!'

Patient after KAH Therapy 

'For 5 years I have been the psychiatrist of Mr. C. When he told me about his plan to try KAH I was very skeptical. But when he came back to Sweden, I could hardly believe his improvement!'

Psychotherapist for 40 Years

'This training was surely unique. One can feel that you are on fire for your work. This shows in every movement, every gesture and every word of yours: you are a truly courageous human being. Thank you for this experience!'

KAH Trainee, Germany


The Adler Method

About the development of Ketamine- & Hypnotherapy

The ‘KAH - Ketamine Assisted Hypnotherapy’  is the new approach to psychotherapy in times of mental health crisis. It includes the KHP - ‘Ketamine Hypnosis Package" KHP, which was originally introduced in Mallorca, Spain in 2018.


In 2021 Sophie-Charlotte Adler has focused on the further development of this treatment wich is now known as ‘The Adler Method’. This program includes three components: 1 - the patient treatment itself, 2 - the trainee program for therapists and clinic teams and 3 - the official certificate of ‘The Adler Method for KAH’. 

The Adler Mehod Home

Treatment & Workshops


for your patient

Do you currently have a patient who could benefit from KAH treatment? Let's begin to support them in a new way out of suffering.

More treatment informations:

'The Adler Method KAH'

for you and your team

You wish to offer Ketamine treatments in your practices soon? Let's enable the best possible quality of therapy for your patients and therapists.

More training informations:

'The Adler Method KAH' Certificate'

for promotion

You want to educate others and help to spread the word about the Ketamine- Assisted Hypnotherapy treatment method? Where may I speak for you?

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