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Let's learn, teach & grow together! 

Get Your Very Own KAH Certificate

KAH Training Program

The KAH program, developed by Sophie and Prof. Dr. Dirk Revenstorf, aims to link the fields of medicine, psychology and hypnosis more closely in joint therapy concepts.

Over three days, the training program teaches the basics of ketamine infusion therapy with hypnosis and psychotherapy (KAH). Optionally there is the possibility of an accompanied self-experience for the participants.

KAH Team Education

The aim is to instruct you, as colleagues, to be able to carry out this therapy in practice, for example in medical-psychological cooperation. If you already have experience with ketamine therapy, or are considering using it, this practical training offers you a good overview and a platform for exchange. Additionally, you can acquire new tools and skills.

KAH Supervision

A follow-up of the participants of the KAH program over 6 months, during which we supervise self-performed Ketamine treatments. You have the possibility to discuss your own case presentations in the group - e.g. online once a month via video call, or in person at a location like Berlin or Tübingen, Germany.

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