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Me Sophie

Me, Sophie...

I am specialised in working with altered states of consciousness. 



As a Psychologist and hypnotherapist I accompanied over 500 patients from all over the world, being treated with Ketamine infusions.


Facilitator at 'Inwardbound Psilocybin Retreat' with Rob O’Cobhthaigh.

New book chapter "KAH Ketamin-assistierte Hypnotherapie in Ketamin und psychoaktive Substanzen in psychotherapeutischen Prozessen" was published by Carl-Auer in Germany.


Establishment of KAH treatment centre in PirmasensSouthwest Germany.

Facilitator at 'Psychedelic Retreat for Mental Health Professionals informed by ACT' with Henry J. Whitfield and Dr. Robert Krause.

Training in ACT Acceptance and Commitment Therapy by Henry J.Whitfield.

Training in Systemic Psychotherapy at Institut für Psychotherapie und Psychoanalyse in Germany (ongoing).


Facilitator at 'Inwardbound Psilocybin Retreat' with Rob O’Cobhthaigh.

I held the training in Ketamine Assisted Hypnotherapy KAH - for physicians, psychotherapists and psychologists in Berlin.

Speaker & trainer at online 'Introduction to Psychedelic Therapy' course.


Training in IFS Ketamine Therapy by Bob Grant.

Training in Music Therapy at IEK Berlin.


Establishment and management of the private practice Dr Scheib from 2020 to October 2021.


My book "Altered States of Consciousness - New Paths in Psychotherapy? The Potential of the Psychoactive Substance Psilocybin" was published by Carl-Auer in Germany.

The first training in Ketamine-Assisted Hypnotherapy KAH - for physicians, psychotherapists and psychologists was held in Berlin.


I started to train physicians in medical hypnosis at “Ärzteseminare Dr. Scheib”.

I joined the KRIYA Conference in San Francisco and participated in the first KRIYA- Consultation Group with Dr. Raquel Bennett and Dr. Jessica Katzman in California.


Started to work as a psychologist and hypnotherapist in a psychosomatic clinic "Instituto Dr. Scheib" in Mallorca, Spain where I developed the "Ketamine Hypnosis Package" (KHP).


Begin with "performed scientific research" at University Innsbruck about the psychoactive substance Psilocybin and its potential for modern psychotherapy in research and practice with Prof. Dr. Anna Buchheim.

I founded ACS MINDWORKS​ – a group of specialists working on healing and states of consciousness in multiple ways.

From KHP to KAH

How the Treatment was born and grew

Based on my knowledge about Psilocybin Assisted Psychotherapy and training in Hypnotherapy I have developed the so-called “Ketamine Hypnosis Package” (KHP) in 2018. During this time I supervised Ketamine infusions in the psychosomatic clinic "Instituto Dr. Scheib" in Mallorca. Two years later during the Corona pandemic in the summer of 2020 I built up a private practice for Dr. Scheib in Berlin to offer Ketamine Therapy in Germany.​

How the training program for professionals evolved

In 2019 I asked Prof. Dr. Dirk Revenstorf if we wanted to start a training program in KHP for physicians, psychologists and therapists. The KHP program aims to link the fields of medicine, psychology and hypnosis more closely with the approach to develop practical skills in working with altered states of consciousness.


Recently 23 participants went through the training for the second time in Berlin at AWP*. 


* “Working Group for Scientific Psychotherapy Berlin” which is a training institute for different current psychotherapy procedures led by Christian Stiglmayr.


My Approach

Treating with Ketamine – a safe and effective therapeutic experience?

Ketamine itself shows promising therapeutic benefits but administered alone it can be very challenging for many clients. KAH was developed to support clients with a long history of suffering within their ongoing therapy process. KAH can help them to access their resources and develop new ways of thinking and behavior. Treated with KAH, most patients successfully came back into balance and could integrate their gained knowledge into everyday life. 


Market, Risks & Chances!

The use of Ketamine in therapy requires medical and psychological knowledge and belongs in professional hands! The growing interest in substance assisted therapy longs for increased education, exchange and sharing of previous knowledge about the subject. 

My Vision

My experiences with KAH show the effectiveness in many psychiatric cases that had almost given up. My credo in my therapeutic work is to feel 'comfortable in letting go’. I personally believe in the strong potential of interdisciplinary work collaboration.  


If something has been found that can effectively help so many people from diverse cultures, even with various disease histories – why not collaborate and share the knowledge gained in treatments to help as many people as possible?

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