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When should treatment not be considered?

We don´t advise treatment for those with acute mania, schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder and  psychosis.

Physical contraindications are: Poorly controlled high blood pressure, glaucoma, increased intracranial pressure and severe coronary heart disease.

Who benefits from KAH?

KAH is indicated for depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, trauma, OCD, PTSD and pain.

In some cases, eating disorders and addiction, too.

Is it legal to use ketamine?

Ketamine is allowed to be used as a so-called off-label drug.

Off-label means that at least two therapy attempts have failed. Because of this legal situation, it is important that we have enough time for therapeutic and medical screening. For each ketamine treatment we work together with a physician who monitors the infusion.

How many sessions does a patient need with KAH?

We recommend at least six repetitions of KAH. We always adjust the spacing of the sessions and the dosage to the needs and possibilities of our patients. It is possible that we work at high frequency in the beginning and then increase the intervals. If the client live further away we can also plan an intensive treatment program of, for example, two weeks with daily treatment.


Can there be single hypnosis sessions around the Ketamine sessions?

All those who are afraid of the ketamine state can familiarize themselves with the state of altered consciousness during an individual hypnosis sessions before the infusion and experience how pleasant and helpful it can be to be in a trance state and in a state of deep relaxation.

It is optimal to schedule individual hypnosis sessions in between ketamine infusions to deepen the positive effects of the ketamine experience without the substance and process them further with the help of the subconscious mind so that patients can experience long-term progress and positive changes.

How much time takes one KAH session?

The preparation is equivalent to a 50 minute therapy session. Depending on the process, we may need several individual sessions before beginning with Ketamine infusions. On the day of the ketamine experience it is necessary to plan two and a half hours minimum. The client needs to be picked up after the Ketamine Session otherwise it is necessary to stay in the praxis for another two hours. The integration session corresponds to a 50 minute conversation online or by phone the next day.

How is Ketamine administered?

The racemate ketamine is administered as an infusion by a doctor. The dosage is individually adjusted, but we usually start with the normal dose of 0.5 mg/kg. The infusion runs between 40 and 50 minutes. Approximately 15 minutes after the end of the infusion you think and move as usual.

Is there a need to stop taking medication?

It certainly depends. Usually the client can continue to take the medication as prescribed. Questions about medication should always be clarified with our doctors.

Does my patient feel like loosing control?

Many patients are afraid of losing control. Both hypnosis and ketamine take the client into an altered state of consciousness that is unfamiliar at first. It is normal to be worried or afraid that something will happen against your will. This is exactly why I am with the patient the whole time and tailor the KHP session to the therapy plan and goals. We always go only as far as it is necessary and helpful. Furthermore, we can talk at any time during the ketamine journey and we can regulate and even stop the drip rate of the ketamine. This ensures that the patient does not get into overwhelming depths. Ketamine has a very fast on- and off-set, which means that the ketamine effect disappears very quickly when the infusion is finished or stopped beforehand.

What does an Integration session mean?

New insights and knowledge gained, usually fade away after a short period of time and because of this, it is of great importance to integrate the experience. Therapists support patients to use the experience for the ongoing therapeutic process and integrates its effects into everyday life. The use of the newly gained access to the unconscious is helpful to implement the insights from the KAH experience creatively with, for example, journaling, painting, yoga or sports. You will see how good it feels to transform the inner processes and to transport them in new ways.

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