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Sophie @ Miami Wonderland

9th of November 2021

The Largest Psychedelic Medicine Business Event

Alle Videos

Alle Videos

Speaker @ 
Miami Wonderland Conference

Microdose introduction: 


“Sophie-Charlotte Adler is a psychologist, hypnotherapist, researcher and author from Germany. In 2018 she developed Ketamine assisted Hypnotherapy (KAH) and since then has treated more than 500 patients from all over the world with this truly innovative method. In 2019 she started the KAH training program with Prof. Dr. Revenstorf for physicians, therapists and psychologists in Berlin.”


Thank you for the invitation!

A Microdose Event

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Panel Discussion

'Psychedelics And The Current Medical Model'

Miami Wonderland is the largest Psychedelic Medicine Business Event. Sophie was invited to speak about KAH and her new approach of combining Ketamine Therapy with Hypnotherapy at the panel discussion 'Psychedelics And The Current Medical Model' among luminary women in the field like Gigi Kuo, Kemie Sae Koo, Kimberly Juroviesky and Lynn Marie Morski.

Fellow Speakers

Thanks to all the luminary and highly inspiring women on board! 

Gigi Kuo

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Aphrodite Health


Jemie Sae Koo

CEO and Founder of Psychiable


Sophie-Charlotte Adler


Kimberly Juroviesky

President of Ketamine Taskforce


Lynn Marie Morsky

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